Tampa Wedding DJ

We know you are looking forward to saying I do. But we also know that you are looking forward to what happens after your ceremony. The reception is where everyone can just let loose and have relax and revel over what has happened to two great people. Besides amazing food and drink being a key part of your reception, the right wedding DJ can set the tone for some good times. A true professional will know how to select the right music at the right times and can also serve as your emcee for your special events and moments. You just want to be aware that while there are some really great wedding DJs in the Tampa area, there are also some really poor ones. So, don't take your search for your wedding DJ for granted, make sure you do your due diligence and find the right DJ for your style. The best way to make that happen is to interview a few potential DJs, to help you with the process we have included some of the questions you will want to be sure and ask. After you hear the answers, you will know who to hire.

The first thing you want to do is some research to collect the names of some professional DJs. You can find these names from people you know or through some searching online. Once you have a few names that you want to check out, call up each one and see if they have your wedding date available on their calendar. For the ones that say yes they do, setup an interview place and time to talk about them possibly becoming one of your wedding vendors. One of the first things we suggest that you find out is why did they become a DJ. Do they have a passion for the craft or are they just in it to make money? Talk about what makes them tick. If they don't seem to be excited about the business and making your wedding the best it can be with their talents, they might not be the one for you.

Here is a question that can help you learn a lot about your potential DJ. Ask them what their favorite wedding songs are. Depending on what they tell you, determine if you see any trends. Are all of the songs that they mention of the same genre? Do you like that genre? If you don't like what you hear from them, have a discussion about it and see if they will customize a playlist just for your wedding. If you like every tune that they mention, you may have found a good match. Find out how long they have been a DJ. In our opinion, anyone that you hire should have done at least 10 weddings. By that time they will have worked out any slags that go along with setting up or knowing how to handle the various events that go on at a wedding.

What if something goes wrong and they can't make it to your wedding. What would the backup plan be? Ask if you can see photos of their setup at a wedding. Make sure that you like what you see. If you have problems with anything, now is the time to mention it and see if there is any adjustments that can be made. Once you have decided on which services you want that they can provide and which DJ can provide them, have them walk you through a contract that lists every detail and make sure that everything you talked about and want is in there. Congratulations on your choice.