Manatee Restaurants

Manatee is a city that isn't in a shortage of fantastic restaurants. Whether you're looking to travel near or far, you're bound to find a restaurant that calls to your tastesbuds! That's why we've put together this directory of the best restaurants in Manatee. Enjoy!

Mozzarella Fella

1668 Main St
Manatee, FL 34236
Phone number (941) 366-7600

Mozzarella Fella is one of the top spots for premiere Italian food in the area. Where else can you get broccoli rabe, veal cutlets, lima bean soup, and fried veal cutlet all in the same place? There's nothing better than a high quality Italian restaurant that's owned by family, as you experience a down-home hospitality each and every time. With an appetizer of basil, tomato and fresh mozzarella, you'll be ready to start your Italian tastebud adventure at Mozzarella Fella!

Owens Fish Camp

516 Burns Ln
Manatee, FL 34236
Phone number (941) 951-6936

Owens Fish Camp has something for every seafood lover, there's no doubt about that! If you're a fan of the freshest seafood, you're bound to enjoy this amazing restaurant. With food options that include fried green tomato salad, cheesy grits, succotash, country boil, and bloody mary oyster shooters, there's no way you'll have a bad dining experience here. Ask your waitress about the daily drink specials, you won't regret it.


239 S Links Ave
Manatee, FL 34236
Phone number (941) 706-4740

Indigenous is a cozy, intimate, and warm restaurant that has just opened up in Manatee. As soon as you walk through the doors, you'll be greeted by friendly hostesses, and the great service only continues with the talented waitstaff. They're glad to recommend their favorite dishes, which often include the house special of mushroom bisque drizzled with truffle essence. Whether you're coming for the food, wine, or the service, you won't be disappointed with anything here.

Selva Grill

1345 Main St
Manatee, FL 34236
Phone number (941) 362-4427

Selva Grill is a unique restaurant in Manatee! After all, it's not often that you come across a restaurant that offers Spanish/Peruvian/Seafood as their main theme! With a trendy and romantic ambience, this Grill is a great choice for special occasions and indulgent nights. You can't go wrong with the amazing espresso drink that comes with Godiva liqueur, or the entree of Skirt steak that comes topped with chimichurri sauce and sweet plantains.


1377 Main St
Manatee, FL 34236
Phone number (941) 951-6272

Mozaic is a Mediterranean meets American restaurant, and they're becoming quite popular in the area! With appetizers that include sauteed escargots and mushrooms in boursin sauce, you can bet that pure quality is on the menu here at Mozaic. The wine list is endless, and the servers know how to help the customers with recommendations. It's safe to say that the food is amazing here, and the crowd favorite entree is undoubtedly the Chilean sea bass. Come on down for an amazing meal at Mozaic!

Toasted Mango Cafe

430 N Tamiami Trl
Manatee, FL 34236
Phone number (941) 388-7728

Toasted Mango Cafe is to go-to establishment for amazing breakfast, brunch, and lunch! This is an amazing spot with an attentive staff and a positive atmosphere. They make all of their pastries fresh here which really makes a difference in the quality of food. Be sure to try out the toasted orange mango muffin, as well as the hungry man breakfast special. The Bloody Mary is reason enough to stop into this great cafe!